Social Web Explorer for Internet Explorer

I have just tested the brandnew “Social Web Explorer for Internet Explorer” from Microsoft Research Lab

I really like the idea that a Browser-plugin scans a webpage, extracts entities like nouns and searches in preferred Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter for contextual relevant information. In the screenshot example for Facebook you can see that I hovered the mouse over the word “Shanghai” and could see that a friend of mine lives there.
In the other example from Twitter I can see what other people currently tweet about Barack Obama. I would appreciate if I only could see tweets from people I follow. Another feature request I have is: a Button to stop the Social Web Explorer to do its job. There are many occasions where you don`t need to know the links to your social network and you don`t want to disable the Toolbar.
In this free Browser-Addon the matching-quality can be configured easily (from “best match” to match everything”). You just need to enter your Facebook and Twitter-credentials and that`s all what needs to be done after the installation.

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