Review of SocialWeb-Client Spindex from Microsoft

Yesterday I got an invitation to test an early TechPreview of Spindex, the brand new SocialWeb-Client from Microsoft`s Research Lab FUSE.

Spindex is a Web-Application which allows you to read your Twitter, Facebook, RSS-Feeds and Evernote-Notes in one single webpage. So It can be compared to services like Brizzly or Web-Apps from Seesmic.


What can you do with Spindex what competitors can’t provide?

·         BING-Search Integration: If you click on a tweet, Blog, Evernote-or Facebook-Posting, Search Results from BING are displayed immediately right to it (see screenshot)

·         Search through your stream. With one query you can search through the news-stream of the sources mentioned above. Searches can be saved.

·         Publish your status updates to Facebook, Twitter or directly to both social networks

·         You can choose if you want to search through your friends postings or/and through a public stream.  

·         Remember: If you like to read an article/posting later (and don’t want to “fav” it), then you can click on remember and it will be stored in the evernote-section

  •     Spindex is a historical index of your social streams, a “BING of your social diary”. Most aggregators only access a window of 24 -48 hours.



On my wishlist for Spindex would be:

·      Resolve Twitpic and Youtube-Links within Spindex (Best Practise: Brizzly).

·      Usage of Twitter-Lists

·      Better working Trending-Topics: currently German nouns are not recognized and Trending topics look like “der-in-das-im-dann”

  •    Advanced Synchronization with Evernote: Remembered Postings/Tweets can be read in your favourite Evernote-Client





Get an invitation code today from Spindex which runs in the cloud (LiveID needed)

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