Ultimate Social Media eBook Pack – and it’s all free!

1. Free eBook: LEARNING LINKEDIN FROM THE EXPERTS – In this eBook, Learning LinkedIn from the Experts, five LinkedIn specialists provide key insight into how you can use LinkedIn to successfully grow your network and business.

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2. Free eBook: HOW TO USE PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS – What appears to be the fastest-growing social media site ever has become a huge traffic referral (arguably, more powerful than Google+) for all businesses. – Learn how to increase traffic, leads and sales by reaching more than 11 million people on Pinterest.
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3. Free eBook: NEW FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE TIMELINES – Make sense of the Facebook Business Page Timeline using our new guide. Find out how to use Facebook’s new features to support your marketing and strengthen your lead generation efforts.
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4. Free eBook: HOW TO USE GOOGLE+ FOR BUSINESS – Increase your reach and drive leads with Google+. You’ll learn how set up a Google+ business page, marketing best practices with your Google+ page, the benefits of Google+ in search, Google+ Circles & the value of segmentation, how to incorporate the +1 button on your blog and more!
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5. Free eBook: HOW TO ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS WITH TWITTER – In this eBook, you will discover the different stages of optimizing your Twitter presence for attracting leads and customers. More specifically, you will find out how to: Optimize your Twitter presence for brand awareness & search, Jump start your Twitter lead generation strategy & Measure the ROI of Twitter
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6. Free eBook: MASTERING THE DESIGN AND COPY OF CALLS-TO-ACTION – Download this step-by-step guide to learn key techniques through which you can improve your calls-to-action and optimize them for maximum conversions. Calls-to-action are one of the key lead generation elements and, as a marketer, you should master the way they look and feel.
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7. Free eBook: HOW TO CREATE EPIC FACEBOOK ADS – Placing ads on Facebook provides one of the most targeted advertising opportunities today. You’ll learn: How Facebook advertising works, set your goals, design your Facebook ad campaign, do split-testing with Facebook ads and measure your Facebook advertising performance
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8. Free eBook: 10 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL LINK BUILDING – Social media and blogging are great platforms for attracting inbound links at a low cost. In this deep dive, we examine how to magnetize others to link to your site without spending a cent on advertising.
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9. Free eBook: 45 AMAZING SOCIAL MEDIA CHARTS & GRAPHS TO SELL MANAGEMENT OR CLIENTS – Access an amazing collection of social media research on Google+, short- and long-term social media trends, social media marketing budgets, percentage of brands on Facebook, And much more!
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