Visiting Spanish Painter Manel Soria & his beautiful women

Today while I am on vacation in Spain I was visiting the Catalan Painter and Artist Manel Soria Segura in El Vendrell, Baix Penedes.

You can find his official website and more information about him and his paintings here: and Instagram

I am familar with his work and paintings since 15 years, so I was curious to find out what he has done in the last couple of months. I was convinced that he is still passionate and addicted to paint beautiful women which appear in his mind, so no need for you to search how to find this amazing creatures in Catalunya. Let me share some of my favourites, just a very personal selection of mine, not covering his whole work. It`s just a snapshot of his current phase.
I want to start with my favourite one (which I actually bought, see last picture). I really love this Nena Kerner kind of women and the impression in her face, full of deep feeling. Not sure if she just had an orgasm or blissful meditation.

2nd favourite is from the movie “the Girl with the pearl earring” with main actress Scarlett Johansson. Here I also love emotion expressed in her face, how she bites her lips and how much disappointment I can see in her eyes. Excellent story telling, I really love this kind of art!

Now I am going to show the next ones uncommented:

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