Review Plantronics Wireless Sport Earbuds BackBeat FIT 3100

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When I first saw the Press Release from Plantronics about new True Wireless (no cables) Bluetooth Headset / Earbuds BackBeat FIT 3100 I was sceptical. They didn`t look my preferred form factor of earbuds which I have tested and reviewed here. Plantronics has provided me a frew test sample for this unpaid Blogpost. They are not sitting directly inside the ear with immersive, fat bass. They are offering more distance to the center of the ear which increases the comfort drastically. I never ever had to worry that they fall out of my ears – which can be create trouble when Mountain biking downhill or enjoying music or audiobooks in a pool or warm jacuzzi. Yes, they are IP67 certified and don`t care being 1m under water about 30 minutes. But keep in mind that bluetooth connection won`t work anymore underwater. I really like this approach of having low-cost True Wireless EarBuds which are ultra robust, excellent sound quality, and stay comfortable connected on my ears.

plantronics backbeat fit 3100

Battery Life

Battery Life of 5 hours plus additional 10 hours in the case are now standard for high quality headsets. Easy to charge with Micro USB-cable to the case.

Sound Quality

As mentioned Bass is not so immersive and impressive as experienced with EarBuds which are sitting deeper inside the ear. I have listened to Electronic Music like “The Chemical Brothers – Das Spiegel” and Bass is fine for me. “Jamaican Heartbeat” shows how clear and crisp trebels and mid-tunes are. Yes, I have underestimated the music quality of FIT 3100! BackBeat Fit 3100 earbuds are for athletes and people who like sports and getting back into Shape like me, not for audiophiles. So I have noticed that sometimes I was pushing the earbuds into my ears to create a temporary seal in certain parts of songs.


Bluetooth connection is very simple to setup, stable and reliable. Never had issues with sound and shaky connections.

Mobile App and special features

Using BackBeat Mobile App for Android and iOS, Firmware can be updated and functionality of left-and right earbud configured. I have chosen to select my favorite Spotify Playlist with one tab on the left earbud. I could also start a stopwatch or set a timer. Additional tab could tell you the current time. “Always Aware” Feature helps to hear surrounding when listening to music, having calls or consuming other audio content. Very important when driving with a bike downtown in traffic. Sound Customization with two EQ presets and Equalizer is also possible.

Microphone Quality

Find Sound Sample here


Weight 22 g/ .78 oz
Wireless range Up to 33 ft/ 10m
Bluetooth technology 5.0, HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.5
Harmonic distribution <3%
Speaker driver size 13.5 mm
Frequency response 20- 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 94 dBSPL @ max volume
Microphone MEMS microphone with DSP
Listen time Up to 5 hours (earbuds only) and up to 10 additional hours with charge case
Talk time Up to 5 hours
IP rating IP57 sweatproof and waterproof
DeepSleep Up to 6 months
Quick charge Up to 1 hour of listening time with a 15-minute charge
Battery capacity (earbuds) 90 mAh
Battery capacity (charge case) 740 mAh


If you don`t need Ear Buds which are certified for Unified Communication Systems like Webex, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and you just want to enjoy Sport Activities with no cables around you, then you might consider to look for Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100. If you need very robust ear buds which don`t fear dust, rain, wind, sweat and water and a deep bass is not important in your music preference – and you are afraid of losing ear buds easily – then FIT 3100 are my main recommendation for you.

Fit 3100 case.jpg

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