Review Ring Video Doorbell 2 for secure Smart Homes

I am living in my house since 46 years with an interruption of 20 years and have never seen a different doorbell than this Oldie but Goldie.

our old door bell

Why change? Wonderful people are not longer with us and it`s my idea and challenge to transform my house into a Smart Home on the long run. So I am testing the Ring Video Doorbell 2 (Amazon Affiliate Link) as part of my ReviewClub Engagement which should fit very well to my Amazon EcoSystem and my bunch of Alexas.

Ring DoorBell 2

Installation and Configuration

I have created a Ring Account and invited all family members which live in my house to join the App (iOS/Android). They are going to see every moment and hear the doorbell ringing from now on. Ring Doorbell 2 is delivered with many instructions, screws, dowels, screwdrivers, so you just need a drilling machine. You can choose between an installation and mounting without direct connection to the power system in your house where you only use the battery or the connect without caring about charging anymore. Depends what you allowed to mount. I was glad to see that two different kind of wedges were delivered to change the angle of the doorbell, so that the video camera can film and collect the maximum.

Use Case: Door Bell

dangerous animals are attacking our door, asking for food

Ring Doorbell 2 is extremely easy to use guests: there is literally only one button for ringing the door bell. Our SmartPhones, Tablets and Alexa Shows get instant notifications and we can check who is at the door using live video and start audio communication on our side – or just open the door. When I am traveling I can talk with my Parcel Delivery Service where to store the stuff although I am not at home. What if I am in a meeting and couldn`t answer immediately? Ring App provides an overview what happened at my door: movements, rings (and alarm or lights if I would own these Ring products)

Use Case: Motion Detection

Ring Doorbell 2 is also able to catch motions when nobody was ringing the bell. That`s indeed a strong usage scenario to increase security of my house and make our lives safer. We all receive notification on our devices if the cameras detects a motion and we can listen to the sound. What if I would like to have a conversation outside of my house (in my beach chair) without collecting data? I can snooze motion detection for a certain time or just disable it until I am leaving the house.

Use Case: App Integration with process automation and workflows

  • Google: I tried to connect it with Chromecast and Google Assisant to receive notifications and see live videos from my TV. Not possible because Amazon with Ring and Google with Nest are competing here. Come on, guys- get over this kind of narrow minded thinking!
  • IFTTT: This workflow engine is currently writing all ring bell activities into a Google Spreadsheet. I have no idea what to do with this data. Maybe some pattern detection analysis in a few months. IFTTT should be able to store Ring photos to my iPad but failed (empty photos). Debugging needed. If you are owning SmartHome Bulbs like Hue, they can flash if a motion is detected or someone is ringing.
  • Microsoft Flow: no integration so far
  • Zapier: no integration so far
  • Stringify: Integration with Ring sounded promising but service was shut down in May


I am very satisified with Ring VideoBell 2 regarding Installation, Configuration and easiness of use. It really does what I wanted to see and surpassed my expectations. Days are over when you needed to sit close to the doorbell because an important guest (like DHL etc) should arrive soon. Most important values gained: more freedom, flexibility and safety

What are your experiences with SmartHome Door Bells? Please share it in the comments section

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