Review Sony NW-WS413 Sport-Walkman 4 GB for Swimming

As mentioned here at MobileGeeks I am using Sony Walkman for Swimming and usually listen to music (Spotify Playlists which I have ripped to MP3 using Replay Music). Now in summer it`s the perfect time for swimming outdoors but I couldn`t find my Sony Walkman anymore. Later I figured out that it was stored in my son`s room, so now I am able to write a comparison between the new model, Sony NW-WS413 (ivory white), and the previous model NWZ-W273S. Find Amazon Affiliate Link here

Comparison between 2 different Sony Walkman Models

Main differences to previous model

I had significant issues with the previous model regarding usability: When I used the Walkman only once a months in a winter because I didn`t go swimming on a weekly basis I couldn`t remember when to use which button. So it was a try and error game with some minor frustrations. I always thought that the volume could be much louder and clearer under water when swimming. This has improved significantly now. Every button has got audio feedback signals, so I know what I am doing when I am changing modes, volume, skipping tracks or changing folders and playlists. Sound is much richer with a more ambient bass. Still not as immersive like I use to love with other non-swimming ear buds but still an improvement I want to highlight. Look and feel is similar but the new device in mat ivory white has a more stylish appearance. Charging device is much smaller without any disadvantages:

comparison of 2 battery chargers


  • 4GB, 8GB of storage capacity
  • Water proof (salt water) for worry-free use
  • With IP65/IP68 you can use it at 2m under water for 30 minutes
  • Works in temperatures from -5°C to 45°C
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life (8 hours old model)
  • Ambient Sound Mode
  • 32 g weight
Official PR Photo by Sony

I have also tested Sony Walkman for Mountain Biking and it does indeed a very good job: comfortable, reliable and easy to use. Good choice if I want to listen to my existing downloaded Playlists without using my SmartPhone and creating a Bluetooth Connection to Ear Buds. I am owning a few expensive Ear Buds and this Sony Walkman is often a better choice for beach, sand and salt water.

What`s your preferred way to listen to music, podcasts or audio books in the Pool? Do you find music underwater relaxing, motivation boosting or annoying?

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