Review In-Ear Buds Cambridge Audio Melomania 1: Great price for excellent Battery Life

Melomania 1 with their charging case (different colors available)

My first contact with Cambridge Audio was in around 20 years ago when I bought one of their excellent CD Players. I was not only impressed about Sound and Quality, also about their special style. So it was a no brainer for me to ask them for a sample of their new Ear Buds called “Melomania 1″ to write an unpaid review.

As usual I am going to start my review by sharing my first impression: “Boy, these are indeed small and offering a charging case which fits into every pocket”. I also could choose between a few case sleeves and I picked orange, my employer ‘s corporate color

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1
choose your favorite color for the silicone charging case

Easy setup because there is no mobile App available

Configuration and setup was pretty straight forward because there is no mobile App available which might offer a Firmware Update or other kind of configuration. Melomania arrived pre-charged, so I just took them out of their case and paired them using Bluetooth. In my phone I have now a connection for a left and right earbud which is a bit unusual but pairing works very reliable and easy. Bluetooth 5.0 is supported as well as latest Audio codecs like aptX and AAC, relevant if you listen to HiRes Music files. Melomania Ear Buds can be controlled with their touch buttons: Volumen up/down, skip tracks, accept and stop phone call, pause and activate Voice Assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Home.

Battery life is Best-in-Class

If you don’t care about fancy mobile Apps which can tweak your ear buds and your only interest is to get Ear Buds with great price value and Best in Class in Battery Life, then you need to listen now: Melomania is offering 46 hours of battery which included in the charging case. Every charge is providing 9 hours of listening experience. That is truly an USP, please reply in the comments section if you are aware of better ones.

Microphone Quality

Qualcomms „Clear Voice Capture“ (cVc) including reduction of background noise is used – according to Cambridge Audio. I was not too impressed with Microphone Quality and reduced background noise. I did a few phone and conference calls and the person on the other line said it was fine and clear but I would doubt that Melomania 1 is leading here.

my Voice Sample

Audio Sound Quality

First make sure to test all 3 different adapters and foams which are part of the package to find perfect seal. I am currently using the black foams and they can close the ear better. I am considering purchasing Comply T600 (Size L) which are quite expensive or the low budget Foamer F5.5. Seriously, take your time and experiment, you won’t regret it. Differences are very significant, I was surprised. One downside: it’s possible that Melomanias with your favorite 3rd party memory foam won’t fit into the charging case anymore.

Sound is very clear and bright with very well balanced trebles. Bass could be much punchier but I didn`t expect a very special bass from Cambridge Audio, that`s not part of their signature sound profile. Cambridge Audio is using Graphene membranes to improve dynamics and responsive performance. I had the impression that Melomania 1 are not so loud than other Earbuds which is on the other hand good for the health of your ear.

Comfort and usability: Outdoor Factor

4,6 grams. That`s their weight. I am wearing them since 2 weeks and also 6 hours without interruption today here in South Carolina and I still don`t feel any sign of pressure. I can move my head in any direction, they are not falling out. IPX5 Factor is making sure that they can also be used for running or inside the gym, they are not afraid of sweat or rain.


If you are searching for Ear Buds with a fancy and advanced mobile App which offers Equalizer and many configurations, then you might be dissapointed. They are also not using a USB-C charging slot, only Micro-USB, but Battery Life with 36 hours is just extraordinary great. They are lightweight, very comfortable and Cambridge Audio doesn`t dissapoint with audiophile Sound quality – as expected. Microphone Quality is average but not my main recommendation for people who need EarBuds in noisy environments with Best-in-Class Microphones. Active Noise Cancelling is also not part of their capabilities. But if you are focused on long battery life, excellent sound for a small price (around 129 EUR), then you need consider to look for Melomania 1.

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