OBS Studio 26 RC1 released

2 days ago OBS Studio V26 Release Candidate1 was released!

Personally I am most excited about using OBS as a virtual camera for Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom! Impact is huge and possibilities are nearly endless to increase video calls and meetings experience. It`s not longer needed to use additional plugins (check out also Dylan Hayes` excellent Blogpost)
Also going to test now how noise reduction filters are performing.

So many helpful new features are added in this release which we might know from OBS competitors. Media Control (Pause, forward, stop a video) is also very useful.

New Features and Additions

  • Windows: Added Virtual Camera, allowing you to use the OBS output as a camera in other apps on your computer. Support for other operating systems will be added in future versions when they’re ready
  • Added a Source Toolbar to allow easy access to relevant controls for the currently selected source. The toolbar can be toggled via the View Menu -> Source Toolbar
  • Added media controls to allow controlling playback of media/VLC sources on the source toolbar when a media source, VLC source, or slideshow source is selected
  • Added a new noise suppression method to the Noise Suppression filter, RNNoise, which is an AI-based noise suppression method with significantly better results for voice than the pre-existing method (Speex)
  • Added the ability to take screenshots of the previews, sources, or scenes with hotkeys
  • Added sRGB color support and made it default for more accurate color representation
  • Added a log viewer when going to the Help menu -> Logs -> View Log menu item
  • Added a percentage toggle checkbox to the volume controls in advanced audio properties
  • Added more audio capture support for BSD operating systems
  • Added the option to disable antialiasing for text sources
  • Added a right-click context menu option to projectors to make a specific projector always on top of other windows

Essentials Videos to watch:

Find full description here

Which new features do you like most? Is RC1 already stable for you?

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