Logitech Rally Bar Video Collaboration Overview with Danny Haysaka (Call One)

Logitech Rally Bar (Amazon Affiliate) is an all-in-one video bar designed for midsized meeting rooms. I am excited to jump on a Zoom Call with Danny Haysaka from Call One and provide a quick overview and audio and video test.

This Rally Bar can be used via simple USB plug and play or in Appliance Mode. The built-in compute allows you to run supported video conferencing applications such as Zoom (also Zoom Rooms) directly from the device. Microsoft Teams Rooms Tests are following ASAP.

Ragnar shares his top 3 features and together we provide group framing and mic pick up range tests and Ragnar also shares Logitech TAP (demo with Zoom Rooms)

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a virtual demo with a Logitech Video Collaboration team member please comment below or contact us directly!

🎥 Logitech Rally Bar Overview: Powerful All-In-One Video Bar for Midsize Meeting Rooms

🎥 Ragnar Heil YouTube Channel

🔗 Logitech Rally Bar Data Sheet

🛒 Shop Logitech Rally Bar

🎥 My Review of Logitech Meetup

new Firmware Update 1.1.434 reduced background noise with AI (Artificial Intelligence)


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