Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Buds released

August 27th Robert Quandt leaked an image how Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless In-Ear Buds might look like. People in Blogpost and Social Media were speculating if this might be a new flagship TWD In-Ear Headset, a successor of Jabra Elite 4 or what might be different to Elite 3 or Elite 7 Pro? Will IP Level be sufficient to do sports and can I skip purchasing the Active Series like Elite 7 Active? So main question is: how does Jabra Elite 5 fit into the existing line-up and portfolio of existing Bluetooth Earbuds?

What’s inside the box?

  • Earbud
  • 3 sets of Silicone EarGels™ (small, medium, large)
  • charging case
  • USB-C to USB-A cable,
  • warranty and warning leaflet
  • setup one pager guide
Box contents

Battery Time

I did not count the battery time, so I am sharing Jabra`s numbers:

  • ANC on: 7 hours in earbuds and 28 hours with case
  • ANC off: 9 hours in earbuds and 36 hours in case

Wireless charging is supported (Qi certification) and in 10 minutes you can charge one hour of playback.


Currently, you can get Elite 5 for 129 US$ at Jabra.com or at Amazon

Microphone Quality

Check my Videos below but if you want just one short audio sample, here you are:

6 microphones perform very well and I like the sound of the mics. Background is not really eliminated and filtered out but voice was still clear to hear when I had my coffee grinder running in the background (check my Video)

Jabra Elite 5 vs Jabra Elite 7 vs Jabra Elite 85

Let’s compare microphone quality in a silent environment!

Is Mono Microphone Mode supported?

Yes, you can use one single ear-bud for calls and listening. The other one can charge in the case.

Connect easy to Spotify

Spotify Tap is a very neat and quick way to connect to resume your Spotify songs or Podcasts by touching left in-ear buds control. Works also fine when your mobile`s screen is dark and phone and tablet are locked-

IP Rating and Durability

With a 2 year waranty you get IP55 rating (dust and water resistant, don’t worry if you run into a rain)


Bluetooth Standard 5.2 is supported and it covers a distance up to 10m/33ft.

Pairing is easy and reliable and supports multi points and devices, I have tested it with my Macbook Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 at same time. You can pair up to 6 Bluetooth devices.

Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair are also supported

Voice Assistants

Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa are supported

Controlling Calls and Music

Jabra Elite 5: Controlling Calls and Music

Smartphone Integration switches between ANC, Hearthrough and Off Mode

with one swipe gesture on your Phone you can switch between ANC, Hearthrough and Off Mode:

How can I mute myself in a Microsoft Teams Meeting or Call?

There are 2 Options available:

  1. one single push on the right ear bud
  2. take off one (left or right) or both ear buds.

Microsoft Teams does not show that you are muted because Elite 5 are not Microsoft Teams certified 

My Verdict

Finally Jabra offers In Ear Buds which support Bluetooth 5.2, Qualcomm-Codec aptX (very relevant for Android), IP 55 and hybrid ANC – powered by 2 internal and 4 external microphones. That’s why I am now recommending Jabra Elite 5 and not longer Elite 3 (no ANC) or the older and very popular Elite 75t or 85t. Elite 7 Pro is obviously older than Elite 5 and contains bone-conducting technology which never impressed me especially in windy conditions where it should out-perform (and I had wind in my Portugal Algarve video review). FitControl and MySound Hear Profile of Elite 7 Pro are not part of Elite 5. You can decide if you miss it, I could live without it. Elite 5 are very comfortable and I just love their form factor (same for Elite 7 Pro): so small and light, I nearly don’t notice them. 6mm speakers deliver a powerful and rich sound and I use the EQ of Jabra Sound+ App for fine tuning. Thank you, Jabra, for producing a smaller cases than Elite 7 Pro which snaps beautifully thanks to their magnets.

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Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless In-Ear Buds released with Hybrid ANC! #Headset #Bluetooth #JabraElite5

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